2001 Wise Avenue

This years display is 18' x 44' in size with 5 different levels with trains on 4 different levels, 16 separate tracks operating 16 MTH trains on those tracks. The longest track is about 120' long which crosses over 2 different bridges one is 8' long and another is 12' long. Over 60 Department 56 buildings 2 - 12 foot long real water waterfalls and over 200 animated items will be in the display. Some of which include a 12' long operating highway, a large fire scene which features 2 ladder trucks squirting water into the building with many moving firefighters, a winter ice fishing scene with moving figures, a operating workers in a 3 level coal mine, a drive in movie theater, a fantasy of lights display, a haunted village setting with operating items and fog rising out of the lake, a very large North Pole scene with numerous operating items, 3 different operating water fountains, large construction site with numerous operating heavy equipment, 2 different winter activities mountains full of animations, and all of the following areas have animated items in them waterfront scene, large farm, golf course and 2 towns. Also incorporated into the display is day and night time scenes, a 4 minute cycle with 2 1/2 minutes of day time and 1 1/2 minutes of night time. And also a memorial to our lost brother firefighters in NYC.

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