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30 Years of making model train layouts

come to life with Custom Made Animations











































We have been the leader in providing the finest custom made animated displays to model train collectors and operators since 1980. Animations transform the normal train layout into a world of movement where people and vehicles come to life and act just like in real life.

All of our displays are built in standardized sizes for easy placement and to become interchangeable with other displays of the same size.

Every animation is powered by 110 volt (house current) motor to make it a very reliable operating display. No need to purchase additional transformers to operate most of the displays.

Each display comes fully assembled with scenery and is ready to run.

We produce animated displays for all sizes of model trains.

















































































One of the many animated displays that we produce, 12" X 24" size, 2 animated figures - firefighter on left advances a hoseline and the firefighter on the right climbs the ladder, flame bulbs on the houses inside simulates a fire inside the house. Includes the 3 fire trucks and 8 firefighters. 









































                                    Come inside our site and you find the history of Spike's Wonderland, some of our latest projects and some of our many animated displays and layouts that we have built.





























































To see Spike's Wonderland History Page























































































NEW - To see Photos of past & present animated displays





























































































To see Photos of building a major layout































































































To see the detailed list of our animated displays for Sale
































































































































































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