It all started in 1978 in a small basement located in Edgemere, Maryland. There Paul Piker (owner of Spike's Wonderland of Animation) was tired of just seeing trains run around the tracks and he envisioned his miniature village coming alive with moving people and vehicles. And ever since then Paul has been building miniature displays depicting what real people, vehicles and things do in the real world.
In 1980 Paul started Spike's Wonderland of Animation and began selling the animated displays to the public. The next year he helped start a dead tradition back to life, in 1978 the Dundalk Fire Station in Dundalk, Maryland stopped having their annual Christmas Garden (which is a train layout at Christmas time). The Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company started building the Christmas Garden again with the help of Paul, the first few years of the display Paul donated the use of his trains and animations along with his expertise in planning and building model train layouts to start the tradition again. Paul also started another tradition at the Kennilworth Mall in Towson, Maryland in 1986 which is just to name a few of the displays that he helped start over the years.
But with each year it becomes a challenge to come up with new ideas for displays. Then the ideas have to become reality with many man hours involved with constructing the prototypes, then operating each for hours to make sure each display will operate properly. We have built hundreds of different displays over the years, so if you do not see a display listed that you would like, feel free to ask about it.
Our displays have quality parts and construction techniques incorporated into each unit. Making our displays superior to other manufacturers units is our main goal. All of our displays are guaranteed for 1 year from the date purchased, but they should last a lifetime and bring you many hours of enjoyment as your display comes to life.

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