Here is our list of animations that are presently available for sale and we will also build any animated display that you would like to have. We have built thousands of different animations over the past 30 years and we can build that special display just for you. 

Most of the animated displays listed below will operate with O or S gauge trains,  we also build displays for G and HO gauge trains so contact us for more information.

Click on a photo to see a larger image of the animation

0010 Bulldozer moving - 6"x 12" display, 
bulldozer moving back and forth.  $ 105

0012 Woman hanging clothes - 6"x 12" display, woman
moving her arms up and down trying to hang clothes. $ 100

0013 Man painting a house - 12"x 12" display, man moving
his arm up and down with a paint brush in his hand.  $ 120

0017 Swing Set - 6"x 6" display, two children
swinging on a double swing set.  $ 100

0018 Double See-Saw - 6"x 6" display, four children
going up & down on a double see-saw. $ 100

8102 Man swinging in a hammock - 6"x 6" display
man swinging in a hammock between two trees. $ 100

9103 Man putting up christmas lights - 12"x 12" display
man going up and down a ladder putting up
Christmas lights.  $ 125

9201 New car showroom - 12"x 12" display, one
automobile turning in a new car showroom.  $ 105

9202 New car showroom - 12"x 12" display, two
automobiles turning in a new car showroom.  $ 175

9250 Fire Scene - 12"x 24" display, 2 motors
firefighter going up & down a ladder, firefighter
pulling a hose line, 3 fire trucks. $ 275

8105 Road roller moving - 6"x 12" display
road roller moving back & forth.  $ 110

9801 Baseball game - 24"x 24" display, 2 moving
players - man on first base & centerfielder
includes 24 players & backstop.  $ 240

9802 Woman reaching for a telephone - 6"x 6" display, woman reaching for a telephone inside of a phone booth.  $ 100

9803 Man walking on a railroad overpass - 12" x 18" man
moves back and forth on a railroad overpass bridge. $ 120

9805 Man loading wood - 6"x 12" display
man loading wood into a pick up truck. $ 100

9810 Baseball game - 24"x 24" display, 3 moving players
& moving score keeper - man on first base, batter swinging
& centerfielder, includes 24 players & backstop and
personalized scoreboard & score keeper.  $ 420

9901 Snow plow moving -6" x 12" display,
snow plow moving back and forth. $ 125

9902 Crane lifting a steel beam - 6" x 12" display,
crane lifting and lowering a steel beam. $ 120

Call us at 410-477-3680
and tell us that you have seen this online and receive $ 5.00 off your order.

E-Mail us for more infomation on our handbuilt animations at

We can build a custom animation for your display, if you do not see the animation that you want, just ask us to build it, we have built hundreds of different animations for all scales.

Completely assembled and ready to run as shown above, just cut a hole and place it in your layout
Displays are produced in standard sizes for  interchangeable ease
Hundreds of other displays are available to choose from, each one is custom made, no 2 are the same
All of our animated displays operate off of 110 volts
Displays are shipped by U.P.S.
Orders over $250 are shipped free of charge in the United States, please add 5% shipping for orders under $250
All of our displays are guaranteed for 5 years from the date of purchase
Prices are subject to change without notice